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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Choosing the Right House Plant

Choosing the Right House Plant

Have you ever gone into a nursery and found yourself not sure what you want? You thought you knew but when you entered you found there were too many to choose from. You wonder the isles looking at some with flowers and some just foliage. Oh what to buy!

Here are some pointers to help you on your way to buying that perfect plant.

1. Figure out what kind of lighting you have. Is it low, medium, or very bright. Does the sun shine through the window you want to put a plant or is it filtered.
    a. Low light - is very hard to find a plant that will grow well in low light. All plants need some kind of light to make food. You may want to try a pothos or a rubber plant. Make sure the light is not so low that the plant will suffer. If it does move the plant to a location that has more light.
    b. Medium light - this is a little better but not the best. There are more plants available for you to choose from. You may try a pothos, rubber plant, spath (peace lilly), creeping charlie, wondering jew.
    c. Bright indirect light - this is the best lighting. You will be able to buy any house plant.

2. Now that we have established the lighting lets figure out what kind of plant you want. Do you need a plant to fill a large spot? How about one that will sit on a table? Or maybe you need something that hangs? Do you want a plant that flowers or all foliage? Or my favorite a garden basket of an assortment of lovely plants.

3. OK now the big one. How much do you want to spend? Plants can start as low as $3.00 for an african violet to $150.00 to a palm. Be sure that the plant you want to purchase it perfect for your lighting.

Now that you know what you want go out there and put some oxygen in your house.

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