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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Foliage Plants

Foliage Plants
The most common of all of the collections of houseplants is the green foliage plants. Most flowering plants require full sun to produce their flowers. There are a few however that will do just fine in a house environment.
Foliage plants tend to brighten the house as well as supply needed oxygen. Most houseplants are tropical plants and do not do well outside in too cold or too hot climates. That is why they make such perfect plants for the house. Not all houseplants require the same care. Some need more light or more water. Each is unique and present a wonderful challenge for the beginner as well as to the more advanced. It is an enjoyable hobby when one is able to see their little treasure thrive.

I will be introducing you to some very common houseplants that over the many years have proven to be great in the house environment. We will explore plants like the ficus to the azalea. I hope you will join in and find you can take care of plants in your house.

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