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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Watering Your Plants

Watering Your Plants

Now that you have purchased your little treasure you will need to learn how to water it. Each plant is different even the same kind of plant is different. Just like our own children, their needs are different from each other.

The most common problems are over watering. Yep. We love our plants so much, and we want to make sure they have all the water they need. In the wild plants will get water when Mother Nature gives it to them. In our own yards we tend to allow our plants to dry out before we water. But when we have plants in our house we over water. The best thing for your plants is to not pamper them.

We all take in water differently just like our children and ourselves. We don't put our children or ourselves on a watering schedule so we should not put our plants on a watering schedule. You can have the same exact plant in your house and one always seems to need water, while the other never seems to need it. OK now you are asking how do I water them? Now this will take some time but will be well worth the effort. In the morning while you are drinking your morning coffee lift your plants. If it is light water it. If it is heavy don't water it. That is it.

Now that you have a plant that needs watering how do you do it?  Here is where over watering can happen. If you water your little treasure where it is and allow the water to pool in the saucer you will over water it. The best way to water is to take your plant to a sink and allow the water to pour on it till the water runs out of the holes on the bottom of the pot. After you finish watering allow the plant to sit in the sink for a few more minutes to allow any dripping to stop. Now you will be able to put the plant back in the spot you had it.

Some of you will be asking how do you water large plants that are too heavy to lift and take to the sink or bathtub? This is one of the biggest problems. The best way to do this is to make sure the top two inches of the soil is dry. Then take a cup or a large container full of water and slowly pour the water in till you see water coming out of the bottom into the saucer then stop. Most larger trees and plants don't need to be soaked. How ever if you are able to take the large plant outside at least once a month you will be able to soak it then.

Watering garden baskets can be tricky. Garden baskets do not have holes in the bottom of the basket. What we do here at May Day Nursery is we plant a spath or peacelilly in the basket. This little plant will tell you when to water. It will start to droop. Now to water the basket you will pour a cup at a time. Depending on how large your basket is will determine how many cups you will add. So pour one cup in and let it set for about 15min. then, if needed, add another cup and again wait for about 15min. Continue till the soil is moist not wet.

Now you know how to water your little oxygen maker go and water.

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