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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Benefits of Wasps

OK. I know you are thinking in your head "What is so beneficial about wasps?" How many of you tried growing tomato plants and then finding them half eaten or completely eaten by worms? It is so very frustrating trying to grow any kind of vegetable plant for your family. Bugs love to eat vegetable too. Currently I have around 40 heirloom tomato plants that I will be using for seed. (And maybe a few to munch on too). As the summer comes to an end the tomatoes are ready for picking. The worms are more apt to munch down those beauties before you get a chance to even taste one. worms need to gain as much weight as possible so they can cocoon and turn into moths. By having the beneficial wasp in your garden you will never need to worry about worms again. That's right. They are natures way of getting rid of those nasty pests.

There is a word of caution when working with wasps. Just like the bee, if they feel threatened they will sting.
When working around them DO NOT DISTURB THEIR NESTS. That is a sure fire way of getting stung. If you see any wasps DO NOT SWAT AT THEM. When you start swatting at them they will think of you as something harmful. Best thing to do is to let them be. Working in your garden very early in the morning helps. The wasps will be sleeping or not warmed up enough to move.

I have currently around six nests that I care for. I provide them with shelters to nest in. Some ideas to use are empty cardboard boxes. When they are done you can throw them away. Somethings that are reusable are wooden crates, large bird houses, buckets set on their sides. The thing I use the most are cardboard boxes. They seem to like them the best. Place the box away from your house and in a fairly sunny area. The box will give them shade and keep them warm.

Things to remember:
1. Provide a shelter away from the house.
2. Do not disturb them by moving their house.
3. Do not swat at them.
4. Work in your garden early in the morning while the wasps are asleep.

Happy gardening.

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