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Friday, March 25, 2016

Growing Moss In A Fish Tank

OK. Now you have an empty fish tank and you maybe thinking I really don't want to get anymore fish so what do I do with the tank now? Well...there is a new craze going on for gardening. It is called Aquascape. Remember the fish tank terrariums? Well with Aquascape you grow moss and a few other underwater plants. So I decided to try to grow some moss in a very small tank I had for my beta fish. It passed away many years ago but I kept the tank. In the nursery we have moss growing on just about everything so I scraped some off of one of the tables and placed it into the fish tank. Well not that easy hahaha. Of course the moss just floated there. It needed something to anchor it. Plus I wanted it to look nice. Now if you plan on putting fish back in you may want to do it differently than what I'm going to tell you. I felt the moss needed some kind of nutrients to grow better. So in the tank I added some potting soil. Then I layered it with some small pebbles I found laying around. A few flat rocks I was using for a terrarium for decoration. I layered the moss on the bottom and under some of the rocks. I have had it working now for almost two weeks and I see so far nothing dying. The water is clean and the PH is at a normal range to add maybe a little African Pygmy frog. I have a large 35 gallon tank I had when the kids were young that I think I will try my hand at making up. I will try to keep you posted on my progress. If you are interested it this here is a beautiful website the you will fall in love with. http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/01/the-incredible-underwater-art-of-aquascaping/ . If you have any pictures of your aqua garden let us see.

Happy gardening.

Well here is the tank now at 5 weeks. It is looking pretty well. The moss seems to be growing quite well. I see some algae growing on some of the rock or it could be new moss growing in.  I think i will start adding maybe a frog or two to fertilize the moss. If you are interested in setting up your own tank here is a great website I have found.  http://www.aquariumfertilizer.com/index.asp?Option1=infopage2


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