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Monday, March 30, 2020

Infused Vinegar

Infused Vinegar
We hear a lot about the importance of keeping ourselves sanitized against the COVID virus. Everyone is rushing to find cleaning supplies including, of all things, toilet paper. Finding these supplies are hard to come by but you may already have items that are more natural and not so chemical. One item I use a lot is our old stinky friend, vinegar. Before big pharma came out and told everyone they needed to switch from all-natural to all chemical we used vinegar. When I was young we just used it straight from the bottle. No special ingredient like essential oil, just straight vinegar. Of course, we hated the smell but my mom said it's a good thing. Looking through the internet you can find many ways of infusing the vinegar to help it not smell so bad. One of the ways is to use some kind of citrus peel like lemon, orange, and even grapefruit. Add also some herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage and wa-la you have an all-natural cleaner that not only cleans but tastes great on a salad or used with fish and chicken.


Here is  the recipe I use:

1-mason jar, or better, reuse an old jar.
1-bottle of white vinegar.
lemon or lime or other citrus peels.
1-old white sock or new sock if you prefer that have no holes
assorted herbs if you like
1-spray bottle

Fill the jar halfway with citrus peels and assorted herbs. Fill the rest of the jar with white vinegar.
Place in a dark place for a week then strain with the sock.

To use the infused vinegar, fill the spray bottle halfway with vinegar the other half with water. Use as a general surface cleaner. It could also, be poured over reusable cloths in a jar to make easy-to-grab kitchen wipes.

Curious about using it on a salad? Try this:

2-tablespoons of olive oil
1-tablespoon of infused vinegar
2-tablespoons of honey.
Mix thoroughly and pour over salad

My family loves it.


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